Before joining b-cause group

Please read followings in avance and come to the interview with keyword noted on the note pad.

This was Tokyo in 1970. Please compare Dhaka and see the differences yourself. 

It takes 60 years for Tokyo to develop the way it is and if Tokyo could do it so can you. 

Our company will respect Bangladesh's religion and culture and those who can commit to an outcome, we promise you to reward you. We request all of our employees to meet the global standard. 

CEO's Orientation Speech

1. Our company will promise followings:

The largest amount of 40% incentives for every employee who follow company rules and those who brought successful results.

Accordingly, with our assessment regulation, 20% bonus will go to employees. The assessment will be taken place every 6month to a year.

If the project finished within the deadline and if it meets the expectations, there will be a bonus and incentives. 

Development・Design team

If the project finished within the deadline and if it meets the expectations, there will be a bonus and incentives. 

The project leader will receive a percentage of project members' incentive.

HR・Accountant team

At least successful 2 listings per month average and introduce human resources to customers. If your sales were successful then incentive will be paid.


For those of who achieved the highest amount of people to register our system will be rewarded.

The employees and interns will be assessed 6-month on a regular basis.

*Timing will depend on CEO's visit

2. As an exchange, please follow the following rules:

Whole group companies

Come to the office 15 minutes prior to starting time

Please take extra time just in case for traffic delay.

If you have personal matters, deal with it outside of the office.

Development・Design team

Development should follow the international standard

Please make an effort to meet the deadline.

If it is difficult then discuss with your prospect and adjust your schedule.

In principle, testing will be taken place on Tuesdays or Thursdays and upload to the real version.

(1) Basic functional test by developer

Whenever he/she changed anything in source code or in the database, that person should check the basic functions after committing/publishing in the test server.

At that time, he/she needs to submit the test report.

(2) Basic functional test by QA team

In priciple, upload your work to real server every Tuesday and Thursday before noon.

No database changes should be made aside from indicated days.

If change is necessary, that person In charge should take the full responsibility

(3) Responsibility

If this kind of issue happened again, the manager and the person who was responsible should take responsibility.

a. Fix the issue ASAP (we may ask you to come to the office and fix the issue on holidays too)

b. Salary or bonus may be deducted within the scope of the Labor Standards Law admits, depending on how serious and critical the issue was.

3. There is a person who asserts himself without working

There is a lot of excuses overall.

Doesn't try to share a goal and the purpose.

Reporting is not a goal. The goal should be to make yourself understood.

Doesn't consider schedule and delivery date

To work does not mean just to spend 8 hours at the desk.

It's being counted already what kind of work is being done.

I'll evaluate a person simply by his or her results.

I don't want to work with the person who doesn't work strenuously.

The person who doesn't want to be in a company may leave the company anytime.

We don't need a person who doesn't think of a customer

I and people in Tokyo office are a customer, too.

A few question is asked in Cebu office face to face.

When there is a question, please take notes.

4. Regarding resignation(all company)

Passing your job on to the next person is essential. Please make sure that you have enough time before your resignation.

Prior to your resignation a month notice (for full-time employees) and two weeks notice (for interns) is necessary. 

For development members, resignation period can be decided accordingly with development progress.

If you can agree to the following criteria then you can join our company, but if you do not, there might be some penalties such as salary deduction.

What is most important is making capital flow.

Causion before the interview

We recommend you to speak of 60% of what you know not anything beyond that.

Do not using abstractive word during final interview.

It is not reccomended to present yourself too much.

One can tell your personality just looking at your clothes, so please be preapared.

Please bring copy of your resume and a note pad.

May 1st 2017

b-cause Bangladesh CEO Kim Chungu